Announcing the Rapid Response Commercial Restoration Program from Rainbow International Restoration:

Complete emergency response.

Why partner with us

  • Experience - Established in 1981
  • Global reach – 400 locations worldwide
  • Full service – All aspects of restoration from planning to response to restoration
  • Flexible – Any loss. Any size. Anywhere.

Our service is proven to:

  • Minimize business downtime
  • Minimize business disruption
  • Minimize repair costs
  • Accelerate claim settlement

Be prepared when emergencies happen

Planning is the key step in emergency response. Our technology enables our team to gather your building data and site-specific information in under an hour. This data provides the basis of your comprehensive emergency response and recovery plan, which is available to you and your team 24/7/365.

Three steps to activating your plan

  • Open the emergency call app and select the call provider button.
  • Enter any loss specific data.
  • Select the SUBMIT & CALL button: A professional emergency responder will be immediately dispatched.

3D scanning accurately captures the pre-loss environment

Through 3D imaging technology, Rainbow International Restoration accurately documents a real-world copy of the property, which can then be used by property owners, contractors, insurance agents and any other parties involved in assessing a loss.

There are multiple advantages to this high-tech approach, including:

  • Ensures all dimensions and assets are captured correctly and in their original state
  • Imaging completed in a single walkthrough – no for manual measurements or hundreds of photographs and sketches
  • Objective data collection supports accurate, transparent and fair valuations
  • Accelerates claim approvals and closing of cases
  • Delivers comprehensive documentation of loss documentation in an indisputable single source of truth
  • Policy and claim notes can be added directly to the model
For more information on how advanced 3D imaging can advance your business, contact us today.

Manage Risk. Limit Downtime. Maximize Business Continuity.

Our ERP Program gets you and your tenants back in business quickly and completely.

The Rainbow International Restoration of Westchester ERP Program is a complete commercial plan, built on a technology-assisted collaboration between the property manager and our team. The key to the program’s success is the transparency of the ERP Commercial Software and Apps, combined with an interactive, interpersonal approach.

By documenting a facility’s needs and business priorities before any emergency or disaster occurs, the program enables property managers to be confident that, in the event of an emergency, they will receive priority service by trusted and knowledgeable restoration partners.

Our team ensures that detailed protocols and a custom digital plan are in place for each building covered under the program. Our unique difference is our commercial specialization, backed by experienced account managers and proven software system designed specifically for commercial operations. This separates us from most restoration companies, whose focus is largely on residential properties.

Whether you own or manage one building or 1,000, we can work with you to ensure a systematic data gathering process. Plus the site visit takes no longer than 1 hour.

We partner with:

• Commercial Properties
• Multi-Family High Rises
• Education Institution
• Commercial Buildings
• Hospitality Providers
• Industrial Facilities
• Senior Living Facilities

Protection for your policyholders and your bottom line

The Rapid Response Commercial Restoration Program is strategically positioned to complement your commercial insurance coverage with risk identification, risk management, pre-loss planning, and implementation. Through loss prevention strategies and a local commercial restoration partnership, your commercial policyholders will receive the service and support they need and require.

Due to our focus on High Risk and High Priority properties and commercial clients, Rainbow International Restoration can assure you and your clients of comprehensive pre-loss digital emergency-disaster planning, supported by an education strategy featuring materials cobranded with your company name. The result: a complete, professional, white glove customer service joint plan that lets your commercial clients know they are your #1 priority.

Most important of all: This program is provided at no cost.

Our advanced technology software and mobile applications reduce cycle time and decrease severity. Our customizable commercial property strategy enables all adjusters, brokers, and agents to evaluate and manage all information from their desktop, smartphone, or other mobile device. This results in quicker decisions and resolutions at every stage, keeping everyone better informed throughout the commercial claim process and creating a better policyholder experience every step of the way.