Rapid Response Commercial Restoration Program FAQs

1We already have a disaster plan, why should we change it?
Many companies have some form of disaster plan. Some may have a three-ring binder, or documents on their computer pertaining to disaster planning. These plans are rarely available in the event of a disaster or loss as they are usually kept in the affected area or on the other side of the city. Imagine having a disaster plan that can be completely implemented in just one phone call. Through our Disaster Emergency Response Program, we will partner with you to make that a reality. THERE IS NO FEE TO JOIN THIS PROGRAM. Everything will be in place ahead of time, so first responders will already be familiar with your building and know what your primary concerns are. For example, who is your key point person when disaster strikes? What are the security issues pertaining to items that may be damaged? What assets take priority when it comes to protecting them from damage? This program also allows you to go to the top of the list when disaster strikes so you can immediately get the help you need. Our no fee Disaster Emergency Response Program brings your company into the next generation of disaster planning.
2Why should we use your company and not another restoration company?
Partnering with you throughout our Disaster Emergency Response Programs means you will become a priority client. Other restoration companies do not offer this. You have a dedicated account manager experienced in dealing with insurance agents, adjusters, and state and local inspectors. There is no cost to join this program, but the benefits are immeasurable. It can mean the difference between a disaster ending your business or getting back up and running with the least amount of time and expense. We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers, from residential homeowners to large commercial business owners that speak to our level of knowledge, dedication, and professionalism .
3In case of flooding, what’s wrong with having our custodial staff handle the issue?
Most in-house maintenance crews are equipped to handle visible standing water, but trapped water starts to develop mold within the first 24 hours. Finding and extracting trapped water behind walls, under floors, and preventing the ensuing mold is something most maintenance staff is not prepared for. Our emergency response technicians receive ongoing state-of-theart training. They know exactly what to look for, where to look for it, and how to handle these issues quickly, because they know that time is of the essence, and because they’ve handled thousands of similar jobs efficiently.
4Will your company partner with our staff to minimize our downtime?
Yes. As your disaster emergency partner, we offer an inspection process at no cost to you. Our staff will come out to assess the level of your loss and we are happy to work along with your staff to get you back to pre-loss condition as soon as possible.